Brahms Requiem Movement 5


Hey, Everyone! Bueno from Meredith! I have another little tidbit for y’all, courtesy of Concordia University. Here’s Movement 5 from the Brahms Requiem, a beautiful piece that has been on my soprano bucket list for a while. I hope you like it! Movement 5 Brahms Requiem

So Thankful

Hey all Y’all! Did you know that a great many fabulous musical ensembles and musicians are often overlooked in the rush and fury of daily life? Often, I get so caught up in whatever I’m focusing on at the time, I completely ignore or don’t realize what a talented group …

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Syncopational Hazards


Well, I got music. But rhythm? The music for one of the programs this summer in Santa Fe is a colorful collection of music representative of the New World, which includes a spicy selection of Cuban music. You know what is a big feature in Cuban music? Rhythm. More specifically, …

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