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An example of Meredith’s “Music History Shorts”:

IMG_0991“In a light, agile voice that suited this music, she easily handled the fast-moving passages, singing with an effortless virtuosity in rapidly ascending notes and sustained lyricism in the soaring high passages that brought out the profound joy of Haydn’s Christian faith.” David Fleshler, South Florida Classical Review.

“Meredith Ruduski’s radiant soprano solo took special honors…” Lawrence Budmen, South Florida Classical Review

“Soprano Meredith Ruduski is utterly charming as Vespetta…” Luke Quinton, Austin-American Statesman

“Soprano Meredith Ruduski as Mary Magdalene provided a delicate, mellifluous voice that was a nice complement…” Kenya Gillespie, Arts and Culture Texas

“The Sunday matinee was as packed as I’d ever seen a Texas Early Music Project concert. Extra seating was brought in to accommodate folks in the center walkway. A triumph of Sunday afternoon timing, no doubt, but also a testament to the long memory of TEMP audiences who appreciate the pure slapstick joy and the musicality of these neat mini operas.” “Music review: Texas Early Music’s ‘London City Limits’,” Luke Quinton, Austin-American Statesman

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